Globalization is no longer a new phenomenon. In today’s business world, only the fast adopters survive and succeed. ACBLL is here to help expand your business abroad and seamlessly turn the overseas market into your “local” business. In the new age of intensified North-South collaboration, we look forward to playing a key role in international business network building.
We, America China Business Link Ltd. (ACBLL), are professionals dedicated to establishing and promoting business connections between North America and China. We are able to help you overcome the barriers between the two business worlds, created by different languages, cultures and personalities.
“Expanding the geographic footprint of your business has always been an expensive and risky proposition – the risks have not gone away” – as Mike Myatt, a Top CEO Coach once said. It is every business’s ultimate goal to lower the risks and maximize the profits. By working with our bilingual professionals who have extensive knowledge in electronic engineering,biochemistry and marketing, your business goals will be within reach.
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Global integration has greatly promoted the trade and exchanges among countries all over the world, and the increasingly developed Internet has made the transmission of information extremely fast and convenient. Now, if you want to buy a device, type in a keyword and a long list of suppliers pops up on the computer screen. If you want to sell your product, put it on the Internet and soon someone will come to your site. So why are manufacturers all over the world going around...More>>

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