Profile of America China Business Link Ltd.

ACBLL, also known as “”, is a Canadian-based company dedicated to establishing and promoting business connections between North America and China, primarily in the area of electromechanical products. We are located in Hamilton, a fully industrialized city between Toronto, Canada and Buffalo, NY. USA. As a company in the business connection and technology renovation, our mission is to bring the global business to local customers.

The Founder of ACBLL has more than 20 years of experiences in business development and technology renovation. He has successfully collaborated with more than 10 North American and European electromechanical companies and helped introduce their products to the Chinese Market since the 1980’s. Some of these companies have achieved significant market share in China. ACBLL has specialists in Electromechanical Engineering and Biochemistry Technology, who can facilitate communications and address technical questions. We are using geographic and multilingual advantages to expand our services across North America, including French and Spanish speaking business partners.